Recently I exchanged some email with the manager of the Sieg machine tool factory in Shanghai, China. This is the factory that makes many of the versions of the mini-lathe, mini-mill and many other machine tools that so many of us enjoy using.

He was kind enough to provide me with some photos of the factory and some of the workers. So here they are:

SIEG Representatives Visit (02/26/04)

Mr. Majian, General Manager of the Sieg factory and Ms. Yang, Sales Manager for North America, were in the U.S. visiting several SIEG customers. They had an extra day in their schedule and paid me the honor of visiting my shop in Fairfax, VA.

We also toured a few sights in Washington, D.C. together, including the Washington Monument and a 19th century machine shop display at the Smithsonian Institution.


Frank Hoose, Mr. Majian and Ms. Yang at shop
Mr. Majian and Ms. Yang at 19th century machine shop display