Mini Lathe Versions

Micro-Mark 7×14 Version

Micro-Mark 7×14


The Micro-Mark 7×14 has been superseded by the 7×16 which is 2″ longer and has the new, powerful brushless DC motor. Micro-Mark no longer sellls the 7×14 version described below.

Micro-Mark has announced new 7×14 lathe, and it looks pretty intriguing. While made by Sieg, it is quite differerent from any of the Sieg lathes offered by the other vendors. Here are some of the highlights that differentiate this lathe from the competition:

  • 7×14 – 14″ between centers
  • Built in digitial tachometer to readout spindle speed
  • True-inch leadscrews on the cross-slide and compound
  • Stronger bed casting
  • Redesigned tailstock
  • More powerful motor
  • Improved motor mount
  • Chip guard

Tthe tailstock has a cam-locking feature similar to the one JW Early designed as a 7x mod. Here are some photos that Dick Denby and Joe Schulte took at the Micro-Mark store in NJ:


Here’s a report from Dick Denby:

Joe Schulte, myself, and a friend visited Micro-Mark’s home office today to discuss and review their new 7X14 Mini- Lathe Model # 82710 @ $629.95. Their 7X12 Model Mini-Lathe # 82500 is now discontinued.The # 82500 previously had been on sale for $499.95,regularly $ 569.95. A difference of $ 130.00 old versus new.

Photo’s were taken of the new lathe and its attachments. I have attached a view of the TS showing the cam lock. A later post will have several images, but I want to verify that my ISP (AOL) will not cause an issue with multiple attachments to a Yahoo site.

I did not want to scale them down too much from the original resolution in case anyone wants to magnify them to view fine details. Besides the 7X10 minilathe group, I am copying to Frank Hoose for review at his minilathe. com web pages.

  • Bed Length Model old # 82500 = 25″, Width = 3-5/16″
  • Bed Length Model new # 82710 = 27-1/2″ Width = 3-5/16″

Measurement was taken by removing the head stock cover and measuring the bed casting end to end. No Bed Length conversion kit is planned for the old 7X12 units, as the new lathe has a 350 Watt DC (0.47hp) motor and it mounts differently on a pivot plate.

We saw a rough draft of a new instruction book 8-1/2″ X 11″illustrated with 25 pages that will answer just about any question from cutting tapers to gear selection to the most basic of questions. This will be an accessory which has application to owners of the old model 7X12’s as well. A job well done on this needed material.

The tool holder does indeed have a clear pexiglass cover that would prevent chips from flying back at the operator. It is spring loaded so that it moves if the tool holder bumps against the head stock or some other object.

Now the tail stock cam lock looked and performed very well. Model number #82812 available in November @ $ 74.95. This will be the entire tail stock replacement unit with camlock and tailstock plunger ram marked with 1/8″ increments.

It will fit previous Micro-Mark lathes. Also confirmed to us was the fact that this lathe is a SIEG and accessories from previous models sold by Micro-Mark will fit the new # 82710 Lathe. All other info covered in Frank’s update notice is accurate such as the tachometer etc. Color of machine “RED”

Here are some comments from Chris Woods of

The Micro-Mark 7×14 bed is actually 2″ longer than a 7×12 bed. The headstock is also about an inch longer. It has a larger motor (probably the mini mill’s 350W motor). One nice, but hidden feature is the motor mount. The motor is mounted on a pivoted plate, instead of the two studs through the casting.

The carriage is the same as a 7×12, so the accessories, like steady rests and such, fit. I have a bed and a motor mount, but nothing else, so that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge. I can’t get the tailstocks from SIEG, as they are a Micro-Mark exclusive. Expect to see Micro-Mark come out with a kit, like their True Inch kits.


MicroMark 7×12 Version

The Micro-Mark 7×12 and 7×14 have both been discontinued. They are superseded by the new 7×16 model.

MicroMark sells a red 7×12 that looks similar to the the Grizzly 7×12. One important difference, though, is that this version has true inch calibrated leadscrews which can provide more accurate dimensions when using the calibrated dials to advance the cutting tool.

At the time of this writing (7/09/01) is on sale for $499.95, regular price is 569.95. Here are the specs from the Micromark web site:

  • Swing over bed: 7.087 inch diameter
  • Swing over carriage: 2.250 inches diameter
  • Distance between centers: 11.800 inches
  • Main spindle speeds: variable between 100 and 2500 rpm
  • Hole through main spindle: .787 inch diameter
  • Main spindle taper: MT-3
  • Carriage cross-feed travel: 2.560 inches (.050 inch per turn)
  • Compound slide travel: 2.160 inches (.050 inch per turn)
  • Tail spindle travel: 2.125 inches
  • Tail spindle taper: MT-2
  • Motor: 250 watt (1/3 hp) output, 110vAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Thread cutting: 12 to 52 TPI in 18 steps
  • Overall size: 12 inches high x 12 inches deep x 28 inches long
  • Weight: 78 pounds (basic machine without accessories).